COVID-19 Prevention Policy

What are we doing to prevent the spread of COVID 19 on new items ?

Our stock sits new in the box on the shelf and is never opened and resealed unless otherwise mentioned. The room our new stock sit in has limited access. We also run UV lights  3-4 times a day at 15 mins each time effectively killing all surface bacteria that might exist on inbound packages. Employees wear masks when preparing orders, wash and sanitize their hands frequently and only one person is allowed in each of our stock / fulfillment rooms at a time. 


What are we doing to prevent the spread of COVID 19 on items that are listed as "used" ?

Very similar treatment is given to our equipment that is being retired from the MicRentals.Com rental inventory.  We take some extra steps to sterilize with U lights and wipe down all contact surfaces on every piece of equipment using wipes rated for neutralizing bacteria related to the corona virus. That item then is placed in a resealable plastic bag until it sells and then ships.