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Earthworks Audio SR5117

Earthworks Audio SR5117

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Supercardioid Condenser Wireless Capsule with 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response for Sennheiser Wireless Systems


Works for any singer and voice, sounds natural and true
- Designed for live stage performances but works equally well for televised productions and worship
- Tight pattern control across all frequencies offers maximum feedback rejection
- Voiced with rich, clear lows, smooth vibrant mids and open airy highs
- The high SPL prevents clipping from even the most powerful vocalists
- Consistent pattern control enables more directionality and usability ensuring that you keep a good tone and volume level even when vocalists pull away
- Enhanced wind, plosive and sibilance protection
- Minimal handling noise
- Designed for very high gain before feedback
- Tight supercardioid polar pattern
- Excellent off-axis rejection
- Balanced, vibrant and natural sound right out of the box
- Frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz
- Designed, tuned, & assembled in the USA


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