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Shure WL185

Shure WL185

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The WL185 lav microphone effectively filters out undesirable low frequencies below 50 Hz and sharp highs above 17 kHz, ensuring clear and intelligible speech for various applications such as interviews, voiceovers, and dialogues, making it ideal for instructors, journalists, and presenters. With a maximum SPL handling capability of 130.5 dB, coupled with its cardioid polar pattern within a 130° pick-up angle, the microphone focuses on capturing audio from the talent, minimizing background noise and reducing feedback in amplified stage settings.

This electret condenser microphone comes with a 4-foot cable and is optimized for a 5 VDC power source, although it can operate within a range of 1.5 to 10 VDC, accessible through the TAFM connector on a Shure wireless bodypack transmitter or a similar compatible device. The package includes a snap-fit windscreen and a smaller foam windscreen, along with a modular lapel clip that allows for a 90° rotation to achieve optimal microphone placement. Additionally, both a single-mount lapel clip and a double-mount lapel clip are provided for added versatility.

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