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Telefunken M80

Telefunken M80

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Over the last decade, the M80 has become a staple in live sound reinforcement and studio recording. Its wide frequency response, condenser-like performance, and high SPL capabilities allow the M80 to capture the full range of any sound source, making it a reliable first choice for many sources including lead vocals and snare drum. Its unmatched performance is mated with intelligent internal construction to provide low handling noise. Hand-assembled in the USA, the M80’s rugged build quality is designed to withstand the wear and tear of the road.

At MicRentals.Com we love to respond to customer demand so with that said we've added a few of these babies. The M80 is Telefunken's signature dynamic mic. The M80 boasts higher SPL than most condensers and broader frequency response (30Hz to 18kHz) than most dynamic handheld mics for vocals. The M80 utilizes a cardioid pickup pattern to maximize gain before feedback. FOH engineers for Fish, One Republic, Kenny Chesney, and Tom Petty have chosen the M80 among other Telefunken microphones to be on their input list.

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